Cast of Tuesday’s Gone


Played by:Tim Dooney

Cliff is a frustrated, easily agitated comic book/sci-fi guy who has become crushed and bitter by the routine of his job and irritating friends.  He longs to break out of his rut and find a movie-like happy ending with the geek-goddess of his dreams.



Played by: Milena Corin

The ultimate “Geek Goddess” of any fanboy’s dream. Tuesday is smart, funny, beautiful, confident, yet un-threatening with a comic book and sci-fi movie collection beyond compare. A true figment of the geek imagination.


Don & Dave

Played by: Randall Rancitelli & Colin Allen

Two identical polar forces clashing in a never-ending battle of geek one-upsmanship. They  are abrasive, irritating guys that are so similar and have been friends for so long that all their conversations end in inane, pointless geek trivia arguments.



Played by: Johnny Donaldson

Petey is simple, distracted, and child-like; a quiet, mumbling, harmless guy who just wants to hang with the guys and be a part of their geek inner circle.

Redneck Mechanic

Played by: Billy Filiault


Played by: Lisa Benson