Holy friggin’ crap! Jeff here, with our first Production Update [big trumpet fanfare]! Things are just insane right now in Dead Henchmen land, kiddies. Henchman #2 and I (yes, I am Dead Henchman #1 because well…I called it first, so nyah), placed a Craigslist ad a few days ago searching for people willing to make total asses of themselves in front of a camera actors and crew for our debut short film, “Tuesday’s Gone”, and the response has been overwhelming. If you are one of the super-cool (and perhaps slightly deranged) folks who responded to our ad, I want to give all of you a very big “Thank you”! Dead Henchman #2 and I are looking forward to meeting some of you this week (we have meetings set up for Tuesday and Thursday).

Things are progressing at a breakneck pace as we gear up for the first day of shooting on October 4. We currently have logos for Dead Henchmen Productions and Tuesday’s Gone being designed by yet another Dead Henchman (#3?), our Dead Hench-Production Artist Mr. Marc Lapierre (Some of you may know Marc from his awesome artwork on that awesomely awesome webcomic, Boxcar Astronaut). We’ve also been busy drawing up legal documents (talent and location releases and such), planning shots, looking into costuming and props, location scouting, and securing equipment. Like I said, it’s pretty much insanity right now, but it’s fun and we are looking forward to the start of shooting! Reports from the auditions/meetings will be forthcoming!

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Welcome to Dead Henchmen.Com, home of Dead Henchmen Productions! Please pay very…VERY little attention to the way this place looks right now. Odds are it’s going to change 800 times between now and the time we are actually¬† happy with it. So, until we get our custom graphics and all the bells and whistles installed here, just focus on the information.

My name is Jeff, one of the two co-founders of Dead Henchmen (the other being a fellow named Bob), and writer of our first production, a short film called “Tuesday’s Gone”. If you are an actor/actress, or just want to be involved with the project in some way, be sure to check out the Casting Call page.

Future updates here on the main page will be our Production Blog. Basically, we are going to be super-annoying and post up paragraphs of text and dozens of photos from the casting sessions and the set once things get rolling. You’ll know every move we make in regards to our projects so check¬† back regularly for updates.

That’s all for now. Please visit the About page to learn more about the insane asylum that is DHP. Thanks for stopping by!

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