Meet The Cast!


Here’s a group photo of the cast and crew of  “Tuesday’s Gone” for your enjoyment. From Left to right: Billy Filiault (Redneck), Jeff Carter (Writer), Milena Corin (Tuesday), Tim Dooney (Cliff), Bob Savage (Director), Randall Rancitelli (Dave), Colin Allen (Don), Johnny Donaldson (Petey).  Not Pictured: Lisa Benson (Waitress). More updates to come!

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Boldly Going…To Film The Movie


Yep, that’s right. I don’t know where the time has gone, but ‘Tuesday’s Gone’ is going before the cameras this Saturday, whether we are ready or not! (But we are totally ready. No really…honest.)

Since we completed our auditions back on the 17th, it’s been a whirlwind of activity trying to get things ready for shooting. We’ve visited potential locations and were able to lock down some great places to shoot in thanks to the generosity and the support of the property owners. We also took our two lead actors out on Thursday and subjected them to a grueling marathon shopping session to get them all their costumes and props for the film. It’s hard for anyone to go shopping for 14 hours straight with no food or water, but Tim and Milena were real troopers! (Just kidding…it was only 13 hours).

We also have cast our waitress this week, so I’d like to welcome Lisa Benson on board. She has the unfortunate job of waiting on our two obnoxious characters, Don and Dave, as they have an argument about—well, more on that later.

The next update will be the first day of filming this coming Saturday, the 3rd! Be here!

-Dead Henchman #1

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We Have A Cast!


Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood screenwriter Jeff here with a brief update on the ‘Tuesday’s Gone’ proceedings. Last Thursday we held our final round of auditions, and I’m happy to report that our cast is now 99% complete! (We’re still looking for our creepy redneck and a waitress). I would like to thank everyone who came out to the Elevens bar in Northampton and Bob’s garage in Springfield to audition for our little project. You were all wonderful, friendly, and talented people, and it made for some very tough decisions. Congratulations to the cast of  “Tuesday’s Gone”: (Cast photo will be up soon)

CLIFF-Tim Dooney

TUESDAY-Milena Corin

DON: Colin Allen

DAVE: Randall Rancitelli

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Pickin’ Up Steam


The ‘Tuesday’s Gone” production is like a runaway train, screaming down the tracks with no signs of slowing down! Last week, Dead Henchmen productions held our second and third rounds of auditions for the short film, and  we were blown away by the enthusiasm and the talent of the folks who braved the mean streets of Northampton and a mean garage in Springfield. (By the way, if filmmaking doesn’t work out for our director Bob, he could always turn to interior decorating, as he masterfully transformed a garage into an audition studio with a table, black draped fabric, and a roll of duct tape!). The read-throughs have all been funny and strong;  there is some true acting talent out there in New England (and in two cases, Queens and Buffalo!), so we are going to have some torturous decisions to make after the last round of auditions finishes up this Thursday the 17th.

In other news, I’m sure by now you’ve noticed our awesome new logo! As I’ve mentioned previously, The Dead Henchmen symbol was designed and illustrated by our good friend Marc Lapierre . Please check  out the webcomic that Marc and I work on together, Boxcar Astronaut. And also visit his funny cartoon site Funnier In My Head.

Full cast announcements are forthcoming folks, stick around!

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Auditions-Round 1!


On Tuesday and Thursday of this week, Dead Henchmen Productions held our first auditions for “Tuesday’s Gone”, and it was a blast! We met some potential extras, supporting actors, and two potential leads who did a couple of on-camera read-throughs.

“Tuesday’s Gone” is the first script I’ve written that has made it to the auditions stage, and personally, I got quite a charge out of seeing actors on camera reading my material.  It was truly exciting to meet new (and really funny) people who want to be involved with the film. More auditions and updates to come! Stay tuned!

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