Boldly Going…To Film The Movie


Yep, that’s right. I don’t know where the time has gone, but ‘Tuesday’s Gone’ is going before the cameras this Saturday, whether we are ready or not! (But we are totally ready. No really…honest.)

Since we completed our auditions back on the 17th, it’s been a whirlwind of activity trying to get things ready for shooting. We’ve visited potential locations and were able to lock down some great places to shoot in thanks to the generosity and the support of the property owners. We also took our two lead actors out on Thursday and subjected them to a grueling marathon shopping session to get them all their costumes and props for the film. It’s hard for anyone to go shopping for 14 hours straight with no food or water, but Tim and Milena were real troopers! (Just kidding…it was only 13 hours).

We also have cast our waitress this week, so I’d like to welcome Lisa Benson on board. She has the unfortunate job of waiting on our two obnoxious characters, Don and Dave, as they have an argument about—well, more on that later.

The next update will be the first day of filming this coming Saturday, the 3rd! Be here!

-Dead Henchman #1

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3 comments on “Boldly Going…To Film The Movie
  1. tiana says:

    Fantastic! I am eagerly awaiting hearing more about the production. On another note – 13 hrs shopping?! you had to pick out pants, didn’t you? jk. Much love to you and Bob – tia

  2. Do you call yourself Dead Henchmen #1 because of how often you have to pause production to take pee breaks?

    Good luck filming, and take good care of my hat and arc reactor! :)

  3. Lisa Benson says:

    Yeah I might have to quite my job–those two annoying guys KEEP coming to my restaurant!

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