We Have A Cast!


Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood screenwriter Jeff here with a brief update on the ‘Tuesday’s Gone’ proceedings. Last Thursday we held our final round of auditions, and I’m happy to report that our cast is now 99% complete! (We’re still looking for our creepy redneck and a waitress). I would like to thank everyone who came out to the Elevens bar in Northampton and Bob’s garage in Springfield to audition for our little project. You were all wonderful, friendly, and talented people, and it made for some very tough decisions. Congratulations to the cast of  “Tuesday’s Gone”: (Cast photo will be up soon)

CLIFF-Tim Dooney

TUESDAY-Milena Corin

DON: Colin Allen

DAVE: Randall Rancitelli

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One comment on “We Have A Cast!
  1. Bill says:

    Hey guys! thanks again for letting me read it was fun…hope u find your redneck/mechanic!

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