Pickin’ Up Steam


The ‘Tuesday’s Gone” production is like a runaway train, screaming down the tracks with no signs of slowing down! Last week, Dead Henchmen productions held our second and third rounds of auditions for the short film, and  we were blown away by the enthusiasm and the talent of the folks who braved the mean streets of Northampton and a mean garage in Springfield. (By the way, if filmmaking doesn’t work out for our director Bob, he could always turn to interior decorating, as he masterfully transformed a garage into an audition studio with a table, black draped fabric, and a roll of duct tape!). The read-throughs have all been funny and strong;  there is some true acting talent out there in New England (and in two cases, Queens and Buffalo!), so we are going to have some torturous decisions to make after the last round of auditions finishes up this Thursday the 17th.

In other news, I’m sure by now you’ve noticed our awesome new logo! As I’ve mentioned previously, The Dead Henchmen symbol was designed and illustrated by our good friend Marc Lapierre . Please check  out the webcomic that Marc and I work on together, Boxcar Astronaut. And also visit his funny cartoon site Funnier In My Head.

Full cast announcements are forthcoming folks, stick around!

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