Bad Cuts, Bullwhips, Bus stops, and Blue face….

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Hola everyone! Jeff, writer of ‘Tuesday’s Gone’ here with another doozy of a production update. This whole process has flirted with near disaster, and the latest setback came on Thursday the 8th, when we were scheduled to shoot a scene at the Lupa Zoo and another “lover’s montage” moment at a park. The entire shoot had to be scrapped that morning however, when our lead actor sliced his hand up pretty bad at his day job.

Thankfully, he recovered in time for Saturday and Sunday, where cast and crew put in 12+ hour days in order to wrap up the remaining key scenes of the film. On Saturday, we shot at the Lupa Zoo in Ludlow, MA, and had a great time amongst the monkeys, zebras, panthers, and giraffes. Mr. Lupa is a great guy, and we were very thankful for his cooperation and generosity. From there we moved on to the Sacrilege Tattoo Parlor in Windsor Locks, CT, where the artists did an awesome job giving our two leads “tattoos” for the scene. Next, it was on to the most challenging location so far, a bus stop right off of a busy two-lane strip in Springfield, MA.

This location proved to be extremely difficult due to the constant traffic noise, the threat of getting shut down at any moment by the five-o (guerrilla film-making at  its best!), and the bitter late Fall cold. Another interesting thing we quickly noticed about this particular location was the in-lawn sprinkler system that started going off about 20 yards away from us 45 minutes into the shoot. We took a quick survey of the grass directly underfoot and noticed nozzles there, as well. That meant that at any given moment, freezing cold water could have erupted, drenching our actors and all the expensive lights and camera equipment.


And this is where it got downright eerie, folks.  After three hours of shooting, covering all possible angles of this crucial scene, we broke down all the light stands, wrapped up all the cords, put the camera away, and as soon as we were done, the sprinklers all around the bus stop came to life, drenching the spot we were just shooting in. Cosmic Forces? An Angel over our shoulder? Coincidence? I don’t know, but it sure was bizarre.

After that grueling shoot, we schlepped off to bed and woke up to a sunny and windy Autumn Sunday. Our first stop was Child’s Park in Northampton, MA, then we painted one of our actors blue and headed off to a cool rock quarry in Westhampton, MA, and finally ended the day by shooting some scenes in downtown Northampton, MA and in the bedroom and living room of my apartment.

Our actors were real champs during all of this and never complained once. We all had a ball and were laughing our heads off all weekend. It’s been an amazing experience for me and I’ll be sad once we finish up shooting this Wednesday. One more shoot to go then it’s on to editing! Want to see a photo gallery of this weekend’s shoot? Of course you do! CLICK HERE!

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