Lights, Camera, Action!


Yes, cliché as it may sound, that old and trusted cue rang true for Dead Henchmen this weekend as principal photography began on our first short film project, “Tuesday’s Gone”! And the verdict on the shooting? So far, so good. Bob and I have been saying since the start that we’re playing .500 ball in terms of how things are going. It seems for every setback, there’s something that falls perfectly in place, as you’ll find out here…

The fun began Saturday afternoon as our two leads Tim and Milena arrived at the palatial estate of yours truly, Dead Henchmen #1, to film some brief but amusing scenes that will be part of a “happy lover’s montage” in the film. There was the requisite googly eyes, giddy laughter, and tender smooches, and then later on,  some “extracurricular” activities involving some props that I won’t spoil here.


After heading out for a quick bite, the cast then gathered back at the casa to begin loading the camera and equipment into the trusty Versa for the trip over to the Brewmaster’s Tavern in Williamsburg to shoot our restaurant interiors.  Of course, as soon as we began this process, the skies opened up with an entire month’s worth of rain, drenching the cast, crew, and putting thousands of dollars worth of camera and lighting equipment at risk. Luckily, the gear all made it to the restaurant intact and dry. The same could not be said, however, for our actors and extras, who all needed to dry out for a good half hour.

After the drying process, Bob briefed the cast and the eight brave extras about how the night was going to go once we were allowed into the back dining room of the Brewmaster’s Tavern, which was graciously made available to us by the great owners and staff, who also own the Opa Opa brewery and restaurant in Southampton.


At around 9:00, the show was on and we all marched down to the dining room to shoot our lead actor and his three obnoxious buddies as two of them engage in a heated debate about…well…that would be telling now, wouldn’t it? Bob also did several takes of a very cool and complex camera move through the restaurant, which ended up looking really neat. There was laughter and bloopers aplenty from everyone involved, and if nothing else, we’ll have one hell of a gag reel when all is said and done.


Remember when I mentioned setbacks? In addition to the rain and the time crunch Saturday, we also had to scratch our planned Sunday afternoon shoots due to a costume company dragging their feet on a order we placed a while back. Upset but undeterred, we soldiered on and set up camp at a bucolic farm setting in Hatfield to shoot Tim’s encounter with a creepy redneck in the dead of night. The shoot was long, cold, and arduous, but the setting was amazing: A huge, rustic barn, a full moon, and massive empty fields with a crawling mist! Perfection! Tim and Billy (who played the redneck to a ‘T’), were both troopers for putting in great performances throughout the difficult shoot.

Next, it’s off to a zoo to film another of the lover’s montage scene. More updates to come. For a full photo gallery of this weekend’s filming, CLICK HERE.

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