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Meet The Cast!

Here’s a group photo of the cast and crew of  “Tuesday’s Gone” for your enjoyment. From Left to right: Billy Filiault (Redneck), Jeff Carter (Writer), Milena Corin (Tuesday), Tim Dooney (Cliff), Bob Savage (Director), Randall Rancitelli (Dave), Colin Allen (Don),

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Boldly Going…To Film The Movie

Yep, that’s right. I don’t know where the time has gone, but ‘Tuesday’s Gone’ is going before the cameras this Saturday, whether we are ready or not! (But we are totally ready. No really…honest.) Since we completed our auditions back

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We Have A Cast!

Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood screenwriter Jeff here with a brief update on the ‘Tuesday’s Gone’ proceedings. Last Thursday we held our final round of auditions, and I’m happy to report that our cast is now 99% complete! (We’re still

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Pickin’ Up Steam

The ‘Tuesday’s Gone” production is like a runaway train, screaming down the tracks with no signs of slowing down! Last week, Dead Henchmen productions held our second and third rounds of auditions for the short film, and  we were blown

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Auditions-Round 1!


On Tuesday and Thursday of this week, Dead Henchmen Productions held our first auditions for “Tuesday’s Gone”, and it was a blast! We met some potential extras, supporting actors, and two potential leads who did a couple of on-camera read-throughs.

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