About The Dead Henchmen

Dead Henchmen Productions  is an independent multimedia group, whose goal is to make low-budget, high-quality short (and eventually) feature films. Our first project, a short film entitled “Tuesday’s Gone”  was filmed in October – November 2009.

That’s the “professional” description. The reality is, Dead Henchmen is two complete jackasses from Western Massachusetts who watch way too many sci-fi/fantasty/action/zombie TV shows and movies, read way too many comic books, laugh at way too many dick and fart jokes, and basically refuse to grow up.

They also have access to a computer and a decent DV camera, so they’ve decided to ask people if they would be willing to act like total idiots in front of said camera, for little exposure and no monetary compensation.

If you are an aspiring actor/actress, camera operator, editor, sound engineer, graphic artist, or musician and  all of this sounds good to you, immediately seek therapy. If that doesn’t help, drop Dead Henchmen Productions a line and join in on the fun!